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Your phone is your friend, and so is 15 Second Software

At 15 Second Software we aim to build phone applications that busy people will not notice using.

We believe that:

  1. If a Phone App takes more than 15 Seconds to use, it is cluttering up your day.
  2. An App should make your day easier, less busy and should diminish your frustration.
  3. A phone app should be seamless and simple to use.

Software solutions to life's little problems for the smartphone in your pocket.

  Apps that 15 Second Software have developed  
Tax Receipt Log Budgeting phone app Tax Receipt Log for Back Office Biz Logo - smart phone software for small business owners and contractors

Tax Receipt Log Smart Phone Budgeting app

Tax Receipt Log - 15 Second Software's Vanguard App


Screenshot of Tax Receipt Log on an iPhone  
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Never lose a receipt again & relax at tax time


15 seconds is all it takes to sort out your expense and tax receipts, do it once at the checkout. Your phone saves pictures of the receipts in a spreadsheet complete with details, then emails it when you need it.

  • Save your receipts for tax time; instantly and quickly.
  • Capture receipts and invoices directly with your phone's camera and add your own notes or voice messages.
  • Export your receipts as often as you like to any email address: send them to your accountant, your home or office!
  • No need to hunt for lost bits of paper again!
  • Securely save your receipts on the road, overseas, or right there at the checkout.

Our aim with Tax Receipt Log is to save busy people a lot of time and really reduce frustration levels.

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